Distinctve designs and more, inspired by traditional Celtic art
Celtic Crossworks
Our signature product, available ONLY through Celtic Crossworks. Bring the Celtic spirit into your home with this unique piece of decorative folk art. Very popular item at festivals!  Also makes a great gift!
Looking for a unique ornament for your holiday tree? Click here.
Cead Mile Failte!
One hundred thousand welcomes! 
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Note: all artwork  displayed on this site has been designed by Suzanne Shumaker.
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Mostly a collection of original illustrations done in ink or pencil - some based on Celtic and/or "faerie" lore, some not. Like a portrait done of your child or a treasured pet? All it takes is a crisp photograph...and a few $$.
Somebody has to pay for this website!!
Originally designed patterns for Celtic design quilted wall hangings; also helpful tips and some limited instruction for quilters on lead line technique. Lead line tape also available here! NOTE: this is NOT bias tape - check it out!
Send a personal message using one of these uniquely designed note cards - available in both Celtic and Faerie designs.
Also check out our collection of HOLIDAY GREETING CARDS.
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We are now offering a NEW collection of patterns for stained glass & applique quilting.
They include an assortment of floral, animal, and geometric designs - all orignal.

A lovely woman ordered an item from me at the New Hampshire Highland Games back in September, and stuck an address label on the order form in lieu of writing out her name and shipping address...neither of us bothered to look closely at it. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after I got home that I discovered the label did not contain an address (or even a name!); instead it says "Single Rose Fleece Blanket with your gift of $15 or more. (SRB)"
If you're out there...I'm going to proceed with filling out your order and hope that you eventually contact me. Send me an email with a description of the item you ordered and the color you ordered it in. Add your name and address, and I will gladly ship it off to you!
Original designs
Blank Note Cards
Holiday Greeting Cards
What you'll find here.....
(3" diameter)
Folk Wheels
And where to find it.....
"Green Man"
"Tree of Life" - click on "Quilters' Corner"
"Tulips" - click on "Stone Circle Graphics"
"Reindeer Circle"
"Hearth & Home"
"Tara" - click on "Quilters' Corner and follow the link for T&C Blocks
"Orkney" - this one's already done for you and up for sale!      Click on "Fabric Art"
Get to know me!!....but only in a distant, limited way.
Where you can find me vending my wares.