Welcome! The works displayed on this page are all samples of original pieces designed and drawn by me. They are not offered for sale here, only for viewing. Of course I'm always open to receiving commissions.  If interested, contact me by clicking on the  e-mail link below. (if the link should fail, direct your inquiries to celticcrossworks@

Tree of Life (ink) created in a style known as stipple art (shaded using tiny little dots)
This is a stylized version of the "tree of life" similar to those found on the pages of the Book of Kells
NOTE: Due to resizing for optimal downloading,some images may appear slightly distorted and/or blurred.
Wisdom - (ink) The salmon was believed to be an ancient creature imbued with vast knowledge and great wisdom, attributes he obtained by eating hazelnuts that had falled from the even older and wiser tree.
Morrighan - (ink) Also known as the Triple Goddess. This piece is filled with symbolism!  
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The images displayed on this page are products of the artist's individual talent and love for her craft. Each one represents hours of research, conceptual development, and patient labor.

Please respect her right to protect them.
Celtic Art: Illustrations inspired by Celtic lore and traditional motifs...also a  blend of hand/pencil and computer art unless noted otherwise.
Fantasy Art: Fairies! These drawings were created using a blend of pencil drawing and computer "magic".
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Manannan Mac Lir - Celtic God of the sea, believed to drive a chariot pulled by two white horses
Green Man Spirit of the Greenwood, he would appear with the first leaves of spring and fade away again once the leaves began to fall, but always with the promise he would return
Faerywood - originally drawn in ink. The image shown here is a scan of the original which, through the magic of computer software, was given a sepia color tone.
Landscapes: Illustrations generated from photographs and/or my imagination....never had the chance to "cross the pond" (yet) so this is as close as I've managed to come to a Celtic holiday
Highland Majesty (graphite on bristol) This does not depict any particular location in the Scottish highlands but was composed using a number of photographs coupled with a desperate yearning to feel a bit of real Scottish earth beneath my feet.
Waiting - (graphite on bristol)  
Border Collie - (graphite on bristol)  drawn from a photo found on the internet - because I'd love to adopt one but could never devote the time and attention the breed requires, so I content myself with drawing them instead.
Photo Source:
Deerhound - (graphite on bristol)  drawn from a photo found on the internet - ditto
Photo Source:
Homelessa portrait - (graphite on bristol)  drawn from a photo found on the internet - because it serves to remind me to count my blessings. 
Photo Source:
Naptime - (graphite on bristol)  drawn from a photo found on the internet - because he reminded me of my grandson, now grown past this precious age. and because those eyes just tugged at my heart! Mom, Dad, if you're out there....hope you're treasuring every moment - go give him a hug!
Photo Source:
Cottage - (graphite on bristol)  
Other Works: These pieces were also actual pencil drawings scanned into the computer, generated from photos that may contain copyrights, so I have displayed them here only to show that my interests and talents do extend beyond faeries and Celtic design.

Pride Emerging - (graphite on bristol)  drawn from a photo found on the internet - because this is what Highland Games are all about - the passage of ancestral pride from one generation to the next, ensuring the continuation of Scottish cultural heritage  Photo Source:  Dan Oxtoby, photographer
Calla Lillies (graphite on bristol)  drawn from a photo found on the internet 
Warrior Queen Inspired by the renown (and very real) Celtic warrior queen, Boudicca. Aside from a rough pencil sketch to start with she was almost entirely computer generated.