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This is the full size bed quilt version, and
meaures 67" X 95" finished.

By omitting the top three blocks you
can create a 67" X 68" wall hanging.

Patterns for individual blocks are available for viewing and purchase below.

Faerie Fantasy
This charming little faerie is quite simple to do! The willow was one of several trees held sacred by the ancient Druids, symbolic of the moon and enchantment.
Lead line required: 5 yds.
purchase separately
The ivy or vine represents the
eleventh month in the Druidic Tree Calender, and is symbolic of spirit and immortality.
Lead line required: 6 yds.
purchase separately
The hazel represents the ninth month in the Druidic Tree Calender, and is symbolic of
knowledge and wisdom.
Lead line required: 7 yds.
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"Faerie Lights"
"Faerie Revels"
"Faerie Ring"
"The Gathering"
These three small blocks each measure 14" X 14" finished
Any of the patterns shown below can be used alone, in combination with each other, or with any other design of your choice...vary the colors, let your imaginatino run free!
Make two of these opposing one another and place them on either side of a favorite window or mirror. Eliminate the "lights" if you like and dot the sky with stars instead using white fabric paint. Or try switching the green leaves of summer for some autumn colors.

Lead line required: 12 yds. black
                                1 yd. white
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It's a known fact that faeries love to dance and sing, especially under the light of a full moon. Here they are depicted as orbs of light flitting about in a circle.
Lead line required: 8 yds. black; 2 yds. white
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The term "fairy ring" is commonly used to describe
circles of inedible mushrooms that grow in grassy areas. According to faerie lore, however, they are
actually portals through which the fey folk may enter
our world to frolic for a while.
Lead line required: 12 yds. black
purchase separately
It would appear here that faeries have chosen the ruins of an old castle to gather for some celebration, but more likely they are heading for a "sidhe" (pronounded "shee":) or hill, also known as a faerie mound, located somewhere behind the castle.
Lead line required: 2 yds. black
                             1/2 yd. white
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Pattern kit for bed quilt includes 1 each of:
"Faerie", "Faerie Lights", "Willow", "Hazel",
"Ivy", "Faerie Revels", "Faerie Ring", "The Gathering", and "Border Group A" (which
contains four continuous Celtic borders with
corners, including the chain design shown here)
Get all  9 for $75.00 (including S&H)
- save $9.75!
Total lead line required: Not available yet
This quilt also requires some gold fabric paint
to create the gold chain borders
Pattern kit for wall hanging includes 1 each of:
All of the above except "The Gathering"
Get all 8 for $63.25 (including S&H)
- save $8.75!
Total lead line required: see above
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Finished Size: approx 23" X 24"
Not for novices, but with moderate experience this makes for a really fun project (Her face is prettier than this image shows!)
Lead line required: 21 yds
purchase separately