Displayed here are color images of our newest designs for quilted wall hangings - or "quilted fabric art" - now available for purchase! 

As much as I've enjoyed designing Celtic themed quilt patterns (and continue to do so), I felt inspired to come up with some new designs that have a broader, less culturally specific appeal. My intent is to provide you, the quilter and/or crafter, with a collection of designs that will inspire your creativity and encourage you to employ a variety of techniques, materials and tools. So many options are available - colorful inks, markers and paints, rich decorative threads and yarns, amazing fabrics, ingenius gadgets, tantalizing notions, and and an immense pool of imaginative ideas and innovative techniques to draw from...truely, quilting is not just for bed covers and place mats any more! It has always been an art, of course, but over the last fifty years or so it has evolved into and become increasingly accepted as a fine art - by definition, "an art form developed primarily for aesthetics and/or concept rather than practical application."

A sheet of directions will be supplied with each pattern, but because there's really no single or "right" way to proceed with any one design this sheet will be more a general guide than a set of specific directions. I can provide more detailed directions specific to each design upon request (at no additional charge)...in fact, I'm currently looking into finding a way to offer them right here as free downloads, but until I'm able to work that out just send me an e-mail with the name of the pattern you'd like directions for and I'll be happy to e-mail them back to you. A blog will eventually be added to this web page as well, for the sharing of comments, suggestions, advice, tips, requests, etc. but in lieu of that (for now) please sign in our guest book above.  I am, as always, glad to answer questions, receive input, and provide help in whatever way I can - I welcome your feedback!

The designs displayed and offered here are all original and protected by copyright. Patterns are intended for personal use by the purchaser only - this means it's okay to use the purchased pattern to make a quilted wall hanging (or similar project) and then either sell that finished project, enter it into a competition, or give it away as a gift. It is NOT okay to make copies of the pattern and then sell them, or even give them away, nor is it okay to enter the finished project into a competition without giving its designer credit for the design, or copy and use the design for anything other than its intended purpose without written permission from the designer.

Patterns are all full size as indicated below each image - no need to enlarge (unless you want to!)

Prices are based according to size and what it costs to print them, not degree of complexity. Shipping and handling are included.
Welcome to the Stone Circle!
Mountain Retreat
Lake House...
with  morning glories
Beach House...
with morning glories
Good Night Moon - Good Morning Sun
21 x 21
These are sold as a set.
Join them back-to-back  to make a neat reversible banner for a kid's room!
Dragon Love - 15 x 36
Pond Faerie - 15 x 23
Twisted Tree Dreamscape...moonrise
23 x 23
Mushroon Faerie - 18 x 20
Faerie Garden - 21 x 22
Country Rose Garden
20 x 23
Stalking the Wild - 18 X 20

inspired by a "Kodak Moment" with
my own two cats
Art Nouveau Garden - Bluebirds20 x 23
Spring Garden - 18 x 24
Dreamcatcher - 17 x 23
a midwinter night? 
misty sunrise?
how about "alien encounter"?
...the truth is out there....
Tree of Life - 19 x 22
Falling Leaves - 23 x 23
Water's Edge - 18 x 23
Wild Iris - 19 x 24
Windowbox Pansies - 24 x 14
Beach Roses - 23 x 23
Wild Daisies - 23 x 17

Make the centers brown and the petals yellow and they become Black-eyed Susans
Poppies - 16 x 23
Lilac Bouquet -18 x 23
Coneflowers - 18 x 18
American Beauty  #3  - 16 x 16
traditional stained glass

American Beauty  #4  16 x 16
free form stained glass

Rose Bouquet  - 18 x 18
Floral Designs...
Here's a few based on the classic rose...
Sunflower - 12 x 12
Sometimes dream about escaping to that private little "get-away"....?
Create one of these "windows"  and gaze out onto the escape of your choice.
In the works...."Zen Garden"
and if you prefer something a little less cultivated...
Garden "windows"...
Of course, a  little fantasy... I do like drawing faeries (More coming)
And last, but far from least - 

for the little ones...
(in the works..."Teddy Bear Picnic" ,"Monkeyin' Around"...and another dragon one a little less "girly")
Miscellaneous other stuff...
"Bare Trees"
Depending on the fabrics and elements used, this pattern can reflect whatever mood or concept your imagination might dream up! 
For example....
autumn twilght?
Island Breeze

Calla Lilies - 20 x 23
same pattern - two color options
Tropical Lagoon

These last three can each be packaged as large patterns with all the elements in place as shown OR they can be packaged as several separate patterns. The window/border and background would still be sold as one large pattern, but the foreground elements (foliage & flowers) could be included with it as separate smaller patterns so they can be reversed, or placed wherever you like, or not even used at all if you so choose. As you can see in the "sunset" version of "Tropical Lagoon", there's no hydrangea in the left corner. I have also sized the hibiscus element shown in "Island Breeze" so that it can be used in "Lagoon". See example below...
It's a Dog's Life...and it is good.  - 14 x 22
Horse - 17 x 23
Anthuriums - 24 x 24
Pattern size is about 12 X 12, not including border
American Beauty  #2  - 16 x 16
traditional stained glass

American Beauty  #1  - 15 x 18
Same size for all...about 23 X 23
Rose Bouquet - The Three Gifts
same pattern - just showing a different color option
In the process of researching "things that come in numbers" I discovered a traditional threesome known as The Three Gifts, which are Faith (white), Hope (yellow) and Love (pink or red), and it seemed to suit this design to a T!

Where Faith and Love bloom, 
Hope shall bud eternal...
Tulips - 18 x 18
According to Native American lore, good dreams pass through the center hole and bad ones become caught in the webbing.

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A NOTE ABOUT THE SKY IMAGES: The sunset skies shown in Lake House, Beach House, Dunes and Tropical Lagoon were computer generated to resemble a watercolor wash. This was done for the sake of visual appeal, and to demonstrate that blue sky and white clouds are not the only options. As far as I know (and I've done some looking) there are no fabrics currently being manufactured that resemble skies like these, but that doesn't mean they can't be accomplished!

There are some very talented dyers out there who are doing amazing things with fabric, and some are willing to custom dye. If you're not
a do-it-yourselfer this is an option you could consider.
If you're willing to give your own creative abilities a try, here are some other options to look into: (NOTE: always test your fabrics first! And unless you're experienced, experiment first as well...a LOT!!)
Fabric inks (available in markers and/or bottles) - inks are water based and not permanent until heat set. Several manufacturers make these. My personal preference: Fabrico markers and All Purpose Inks by Tsukineko. To see examples of some work done using these markers click here.
Fabric paints - also usually water based and require heat for permanence. In the past fabric paints tended to leave a stiff hand but there are some quality paints on the market now that promise to leave a soft hand. (Jacquard is one such brand) I have no personal experience with any of them yet so I can't offer any advice or recommendtions right now.
Fabric Dye Sticks - by Pentel. I just recently discovered these and intend to order a box for myself very soon. They're similar to pastels but have a more waxy than chalky quality. The color variety is not extensive but suitable, and the price is very reasonable. Also require heat  for permanence. Allegedly safe even for kids to use.
Fabric dyes - only for the adventurous...dyeing fabric is time consuming and can get very messy. If you've ever used RIT in an attempt to revitalize an old shirt or dress you know what I'm talking about! 
It can also get expensive and in some cases, a bit toxic. But the results can be very rewarding and the possibilities are endless. If you've never done it before but are thinking about trying it I strongly advise doing plenty of research first.
To see an example of the morning glories done using fusible applique click here.
Castle - 18 x 30
Lotus - 18 x 18
Meadow Faerie - 24 x 24
Swans in the Willows - 18 x 30
Background Only would be: window/border, sky/clouds, 
sea and sand
Background Only would be: window/border, sky/clouds, mountains, rocks/waterfalls & water