As both an artist and first time www entrepreneur, I recognize what a struggle it can be to draw visitors to our sites and how crucial the need is for community support. Here's a list of sites which I found helpful or inspirational, or which contain the works/creations of fellow artists. Each offers its own unique selection of intriguing information, imaginative energy, and/or creative whimsy. 

I'm sure I'll be adding more as I find them. I hope you'll take the time to visit at least a few.

If you'd like to exchange links, e-mail me!
Celtic myth, lore, and wisdom....
Celtic Dieties...
Art works and handcrafts...
Contains commissioned works of renowned Celtic artist Courtney Davis as well as some great reference material; inspiring and informative
Features the art works of Cari Buziak, including clothing, jewelry, prints, etc., as well as tutorials and historical information
Celtic artist John Nasky features his designs for logos, cross stitching, Irish Dance costumes and more
Beautiful Celtic web page designs with free downloads!
Original designs and craftwork by a fellow Massachusetts artist. Kristi specializes in unique ceramic work, creative wood finishing, natural photography, greeting card design, calligraphy and acrylic painting. She also accepts requests for personalized designs and offers art lessons as a certified professional.
a virtual encyclopedia of Celtic myth
contains easily decipherable stories of Cuchulain, The Fianna of Erin and the Salmon of Knowledge.
Great detailed listing of Welsh (faerie) dieties
For Quilters...

Celtic "Goodies"...
Makers of utterly delicious Welsh cookies - wide selection of flavors to choose from. You have to try them (if you haven't already)! Pete and his family vend at Celtic festivals and related events all over the northeast and more. If you plan to attend such an event look for their booth > the InFamous Welsh Cookie Company. Yum!
Celtic Music...
Picture this...a step back in time to a firelit lodge house filled with smoke, the smells of burning peat, ale, whiskey and sweat...add drums, pipes, and a gathering of roudy kilted Scotsmen with an occasion to celebrate...a battle won?....perhaps the birth of the clan chief's first son?...this is Albannach! If you ever get an opportunity to see them perform, grab it!
Celtic Festivals...
The following sites contain information regarding some of the Celtic festivals and Highland Games held in the northeast U.S./New England area. If you live in the vicinity and have never attended one of these events, you don't know what you're missing! Check them out!! (precise dates and venue sites will be listed on my "Events" page)
Maine Highland Games - held at Topsham County Fairgrounds in Topsham ME on the third Satuday in August
New Hampshire Highland Games - held at Loon Mountain in Lincoln NH the third weekend in September. This is the premier event of its kind in the area - three days of  music, athletic and piping competitions and more, all within view of the spectacular White Mountains.
Pipes in the Valley Celtic Festival - held in Hartford CT on the banks of the Connecticut River on the last Saturday in September. Always a good crowd - always a good time!
"...blood boiling Celtic rock" by Prydein - these are local guys with a devoted following. Great music, awesome live perfomance!
U.S. wholesale suppliers of Irn-Bru (originally called "Iron Brew"), a uniquely delicious carbonated soft drink made popular in Scotland and now sold throughout the world. Produced in Scotland since 1901, it is a blend of 32 different fruit flavors and currently the "world's most sold non-cola carbonated soft drink per capita of population!" 
Due to the fickle nature of the world wide web I can't guarantee that all the links provided here still work.

This site offers a terrific, easy to follow tutorial  by Reed Mihaloewon how to create your own knotwork and borders, which you can download for free. 
Top quality quilt fabrics, patterns & kits, notions, and more...
You can find some wonderfully unique fabrics here in a wide array of colors and designs. Check it out!